Artificial Intelligence for Document Automation

Full Digital Transformation?!

Xerox Delivery Service, thanks to AIDA, is accompanying dozens of companies to full digital transformation.

Xerox services around the world have always been privilegedly positioned at the intersection of physical and digital workflows with the aim of optimizing work processes.

Today, thanks to AIDA's Artificial Intelligence, this goal is 100% guaranteed!

If you'd like to help your organization go fully digital today, ask your Xerox representative for a free consultation on the following topics:

  • Recovery of physical spaces of archives
  • Transformation of all the paper and all your files (past and future) into the data you need
  • Enhancement / integration of current platforms or creation / integration of new, more modern ones, to manage this amount of data and files
  • Enhance your work environment through simple automation of daily gestures and processes

AIDA has already saved hundreds of hours of work for its users who love it for this too.❤️❤️

With the help of Xerox we would like to multiply these hours into millions! … and also the love of our users 😀 …